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How to Find the Best New Berlin Machine Shop Repairs

New Berlin Machine ShopHydraulic Solutions Gives You Many Benefits:

When it comes to New Berlin machine shop repairs, Hydraulic Solutions is perfectly suited - and perfectly placed - to offer you the highest-quality repairs at a reasonable cost. We provide service throughout the Milwaukee area, but Hydraulic Solutions is especially the place for machine shop repairs New Berlin contractors prefer.

There are more than just a few reasons...but here are a few anyway:

We Know the Area

By Fixing Machine Shops Across Greater Milwaukee:

We've been at this business for decades. We know where you are, what you're doing and what you're using. We get to your hydraulic machinery faster. We handle field repairs better, quicker and more completely. Our experienced repair technicians often make repairs in minutes when other shops take hours or even days. We're available 24/7 to get you going again.

Our Machine Shop Knows the Equipment

Our crew knows what machines and vehicles are used around here. Chances are we've done exactly what you need many times before. Our hydraulic production experts have a broad and practical working knowledge of pumps, reservoirs, relief valves, filters, sight gauges, and filler breathers. It's one of the many reasons we've earned a great reputation for unmatched hydraulic repair experience, knowledge, and skill. We fix problems the first time and faster than anyone.

Your Hydraulic Equipment Stays Close

If field repair isn't possible, your machine is brought right over to our shop. You don't waste considerable time and money shipping it a long distance. Repairs begin immediately. Because of less shipping expense, you spend less for a better repair. Everything we need is right here. If your machine requires a fabricated part, we produce it with induction-hardened chrome bar stock. Your equipment comes back to you faster, performing better and lasting longer.

Family Ownership Assures Quality Machine Shop Repairs

Everything we do is designed to restore your machine as thoroughly and quickly as possible. We want to make it like new. Hydraulic Solutions is a family-owned business. That means our hydraulic repair specialists take a personal interest in your repair, treating your equipment as if it were our own. Multi-generational employees have literally grown up in the business and know it backwards and forwards.

We ALWAYS Play Straight

A local company can only thrive with honesty and skill. Hydraulic Solutions is often selected for even the largest projects because customers respect our capability and integrity. Often equipment is shipped to our New Berlin machine shop for repairs with a blank purchase order. The customer knows our repairs will be thorough and needed, with the price being fair.

Best Hydraulic Parts and Accessories in the Midwest

Hydraulic Solutions has developed solid relationships with reliable manufacturers like Lehigh Fluid Power, who provide excellent hydraulic parts and accessories at value prices. These are superb products. The only thing they lack is a big advertising budget. We know they work better. We've become a highly-respected and fast-growing regional distributor in the Midwest. Our New Berlin machine repair shop will have the parts you need for a fast, complete repair.

Over 30 Years Repairing New Berlin Machine Shops

We've spent over 30 years mastering how to keep hydraulic machinery and equipment working at peak performance, whether in New Berlin or Milwaukee, whether in Wisconsin or elsewhere in the Midwest. People know every hydraulic cylinder and valve we use is of top quality. Customers assume we’ll provide the exact power unit needed for every application. Installation will be flexible. Operation will be long-lasting. Our local reputation is one of quality performance, cost effectiveness, and safe operation. We earn our reputation again every day by repairing hydraulic machinery in New Berlin and beyond.

So how do you find the best machine shop repairs in New Berlin or anyplace else in Southeastern Wisconsin? Just call on Hydraulic Solutions!

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