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Emergency Hydraulic Service

Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Emergency Hydraulic Services in Milwaukee

If your business depends on specific equipment to operate around the clock, you need to be able to keep operations fully functional for optimal performance on a variety of hydraulic parts and applications.

At Hydraulic Solutions, we make field calls way faster than the cable guy. Wherever and whenever you need Hydraulic Solutions, we’ll be there. Does your industry have first, second and third shifts? So do we. We know your business cannot abide constantly standing by on the clock while your team waits for hydraulic manufacturing equipment to be repaired. We pledge to assist you as quickly as possible, and to our expert standards.

Wisconsin Hydraulic Repair Specialists at 262-370-0793

When essential equipment goes down on a job site, the entire project grinds to a halt. Valuable time is lost and more importantly, valuable profits are lost. Your business team needs to know there is a secure answer to getting machinery back up and running any day of the week, regardless of what the calendar or clock says.

Our skilled and prompt hydraulic repair specialists are here to help you. Reach our 24-hour emergency service line at 262-370-0793. When you need us, we’ll be there. Not only do we arrive with rapid response time, we often solve your problem just as quickly.

Planned Outage Hydraulic Repair

Do you have an upcoming planned outage? If you already have maintenance scheduled to take care of routine or deferred upkeep, make the most of your downtime by giving us a call and servicing your machine at the same time to make the most of the outage. Optimize the efficiency of your business by planning ahead when you can.

We provide on-site hydraulic service for your industry and any emergency repairs you may need. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we can help you troubleshoot, modify or repair your hydraulic system.

Industrial Hydraulic Repair


Front-end loaders, excavators, balers, graders, any hydraulic construction equipment.


Virtually all agricultural equipment.


Garbage packers, transfer equipment, compacting equipment.

Metal Recycling

Balers, material handlers, shears, loading equipment.


Compression molders, injection molders, punches, forges, extrusion presses, scrap shears.

Midwestern Hydraulic Experts

Hydraulics play a large role in our everyday lives. If you find yourself stuck with a hydraulic problem, call Hydraulic Solutions of Wisconsin.

Many times, our Wisconsin hydraulic repair service personnel have been able to get things going again in minutes when others might take hours or even days. Our highly-valued present customers know this and greatly appreciate our ability and willingness to make fast repairs whenever possible.

Call Hydraulic Solutions at any time for 24/7 on-site emergency hydraulic service to get your project going faster and keep it going longer!