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New Berlin HydraulicsWhen hydraulic manufacturing machines go down, profits go down with them. Nothing is worse for business owners than remaining a sitting duck, powerless to a lack of daily production. Since we understand this, our highly-skilled and trained hydraulics repair service specialists are available 24/7 to solve your emergency anywhere in Wisconsin, even in Illinois or Michigan.

The first step may be to disassemble and check the condition of parts. If there is doubt about reliability even with repairs, old parts are discarded, ensuring the machine will perform hassle-free for a much longer stretch of time, reducing your expenses. If a fabricated part is needed for an older machine, we use all induction-hardened chrome bar stock. The customer’s machine equipment functions far better and for far longer.

New Berlin Hydraulic Services

The goal of hydraulic service personnel from Hydraulic Solutions is always to restore the machine as thoroughly as possible – to make it like new. Occasionally, damage is so severe the machine cannot be repaired on site. In this case, the equipment is then delivered to Hydraulic Solutions for more extensive repairs. As a family-owned business, our New Berlin hydraulic repair specialists treat the machine as their own. Every fix is handled smoothly and quickly.

On one occasion, a manufacturer brought in a large press to be completely retrofitted. The work – of the highest quality – was completed in two weeks. Similar projects have been made turnkey for cement trucks, municipal vehicles and even food industry hydraulics and pneumatics. Workers within our craft are what power machines in virtually all manufacturing facilities. The hydraulics repair experts at Hydraulic Solutions of Wisconsin will continue to be on call and in demand.

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