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How to Save Money on Hydraulic Repair

Hydraulic Solutions Helps You Keep Cost Down and Performance Up

How to save money on hydraulic repairs

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, any company which uses a form of hydraulic equipment (and it’s just about all of them) needs to answer these two questions:

  1. How can I keep hydraulic performance up?
  2. How can I keep hydraulic repair costs down?

The answer to the first question is easy. Maintain peak performance just by keeping your equipment in tip-top working condition and never let it break down. Easy enough. Until it breaks.

Keep Repair Costs Down with Expert Milwaukee Hydraulic Repair

Now for question two. There are many ways to save money on hydraulic repair costs.

First, work with an experienced and reasonable hydraulic repair shop like Hydraulic Solutions of Wisconsin, Inc. Our skilled technicians know how to handle all sorts of repairs. The work will be done right the first time. The cost will be quoted firmly in advance. Actually, a lot of our work is done with virtually blank purchase orders. Our customers know us and trust us. They know we do good work. The repairs will be done right the first time. The price will be right. Whatever agreed-upon schedule which is made will be kept.

Second, be careful what you buy. All hydraulic equipment is not the same. Make sure your equipment is right for the job. We assume you’ve already done this.

Third, maintain your equipment well. Use the right fluids and keep up with maintenance. Hydraulic Solutions is rapidly expanding our entire line of hydraulic products and supplies. We have excellent relationships with many suppliers. If you need top-quality products to keep your equipment performing at peak efficiency, just give us a call. We’ll provide what you need and the price will be right.

Fourth, think about the whole topic of rebuilding. It’s a real specialty here at Hydraulic Solutions. Effective rebuilding saves you money at least twice. You save the cost of needing to buy new equipment. Also, there is much less comparable cost for the repair. The rebuilt equipment performs just like new, but only costs you the amount needed for the repair. Our hydraulic repair specialists are known for their ability to rework all parts as needed – or replace them – so we can return the equipment to you in like-new working condition. We know if the repair is completed correctly, the machine will have an extended service life comparable to a brand new unit.

Rebuilding Hydraulic Equipment Can Save You Money and Time

Rebuilding should be a major option you immediately consider when hydraulic equipment goes down. The main consideration is this: Can the repair shop rebuild this machine effectively, completely and affordably? At Hydraulic Solutions, our machinery repair specialists do it all the time. Our customers love it because the more expensive the hydraulic component, the more cost effective the repair can be if it is done well.

Here are some things to check out if you are serious about saving money on hydraulic repairs.

1.    How good are the people and facilities at the repair shop?

Hydraulic Solutions shines in both regards. Our people are well-trained and literally have decades of experience. There just isn’t any type of hydraulic repair challenge we haven’t already seen. Our equipment is state-of-the art and constantly being reviewed for possible areas of improvement. Of course, a machine is only as good as the person using it. Check us out. We will meet or exceed your expectations every time.

2.    How worn or broken is your hydraulic equipment?

Many executives automatically assume an equipment dealer will have the best capability to handle hydraulic equipment repair. Such might not be the case. Many have good people, but many others simply farm out the work. You don’t know where your equipment goes and you don’t know who is working on it. Depending on the markup by the dealer, the repair could cost you a whole lot more. Also, the quality of the repair could be called into question.

3.    How good are dealer exchange programs?

Some dealers offer an exchange program, but it depends on the type of equipment you need to repair. You obviously want to get the piece of equipment back on the line as quickly as possible. The issue is cost. (Remember, this is about saving money!). Usually the price will depend on the amount of money it will take to repair your equipment. In other words, the charge you pay will be to repair your equipment for the dealer to use.

There could also be an inventory fee. You get an exchange unit. The advantage is getting it sooner rather than later. At Hydraulic Solutions, we can overcome such considerations by simply repairing your equipment sooner. Then you don’t have to pay marked-up dealer prices for either an exchange unit or an actual repair. You simply pay our reasonable price for a prompt, effective repair. If we think there’s a problem, we’ll tell you. We are very comfortable giving you a firm cost and a firm completion schedule in advance.

4.    How soon do you need the equipment to be repaired?

Not all repairs are urgent. Give yourself a break if you can. At Hydraulic Solutions, we’ll be happy to provide a fast analysis and cost estimate. If you don’t need the unit right away and we don’t have to drop everything to handle it on an urgent basis, your repair/rebuilding cost will be very reasonable. So always ask if you need an emergency room for your hydraulic equipment or just a good repair shop. We are both. But the repair shop is cheaper!

5.    Should you send the part to the manufacturer?

Many manufacturers do the same thing as dealers – farm out all repairs to service providers. If your equipment arrives at the manufacturer, they might check it out, only to discover significant issues which weren’t evident previously. Now the cost is skyrocketing. You have no control. They’ve got the machine. You pay whatever they want for the repair, buy new equipment or have them ship the unrepaired equipment back. If you would have called Hydraulic Solutions, we would have checked out the machine, explained its condition, provided a firm quote and solved all of your problems with no shipping expense.

Obviously, we have an axe to grind in this discussion. There are tremendous advantages when you use an experienced hydraulic repair shop with a strong, independent reputation – like Hydraulic Solutions of Wisconsin, Inc. We will accurately handle your hydraulic rebuild on budget. We will help you overcome just about any hydraulic repair challenge. We’ve been solving problems like this for decades.

Trust Hydraulic Solutions. It’s how to save money on hydraulic repairs!

Contact our hydraulic repair experts for prompt, cost-effective repair or rebuilding of your hydraulic equipment.

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