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The Pressure Is On to Find More Hydraulic Workers!

Hydraulic Machinery RepairUnemployment might be hurting a lot of young people, but not when it comes to hydraulics.

With youth unemployment still in double digits in some places around the country, a lot of teens (and twenties) are having trouble getting started. College expenses seem impossible, as does the resulting student debt. But there is one job opportunity with employers screaming for help. It's one which can pay even more than college costs.


Fluid power is a dynamic, ever-expanding field with employers who are some of the best. The work is challenging. The compensation is far above average. It's a wonderful stepping stone to a better lifestyle. The employers are among the best.

The Best Hydraulic Applications

There are hydraulic applications in so many areas. The big selection from which to choose includes mobile hydraulics, motion control, industrial hydraulics and pneumatics. Other very real possibilities are bearings, robotic power transmission and fluid sealing. Your job responsibilities could be in selling, designing or manufacturing components. Or opportunities exist in the hydraulic design engineering of all sorts of systems comprised of pumps, valves, cylinders (including hydraulic cylinder repair), motors, hoses and fittings, manifolds, seals or filtration.

Not only is the fluid power industry challenging and worthwhile, it is also widespread across a tremendous range of fields. There are wonderful opportunities in construction, agriculture, material handling, biomedical, entertainment/simulation, automotive, biomedical, automation, material handling and machine tools. Or you could almost instantly have a responsible position in utilities, packaging machinery, plastics machinery, wood processing, marine and offshore, military and aerospace.

If you are looking for a challenging career in an ever-expanding profession, consider hydraulics. The equipment you will design, produce and repair is essential to keeping our entire nation (and world, for that matter!) going and growing.

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